Patriotic Classroom Bulletin Boards

Patriotic Classroom (2)

As an elementary music teacher who usually is usually forced to teach on the cafeteria stage, I rarely have the opportunity to decorate bulletin boards. But this summer I am teaching elementary general music, and have fortunately been assigned a real classroom. So I’m stepping far outside my routine by decorating my classroom. Since Independence Day is in the middle of summer school, I’ve decided to go with a patriotic theme.

The small flags are from Oriental Trading Company.

Patriotic Classroom (1)

The stars and stripes “valance” is a plastic table cover cut in half lengthwise, also from Oriental Trading Company.

Patriotic Classroom (3)

The starry background is a table cover from Michael’s:

The rest of the bulletin board art is from a local teacher’s supply store.

I felt like I was kickin’ it old school style by using the Ellison die cut letters.  It would have been easier and maybe even more colorful to have printed out a small banner using Microsoft Word, but somehow the actual cut out letters seemed to fit the look.


Also, I’ve been looking for an opportunity to use this Uncle Sam meme generator, but haven’t done anything yet. Printing out a poster would cost more than I’m willing to spend. Maybe I’ll use it for our end-of-summer-school assembly.

I’m positive that those of you who create classroom bulletin boards on a regular basis could make a ton of improvements to these. Nevertheless, creating these got me into the patriotic spirit.

Happy Fourth of July!

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