Studio Web Site: A Call for Help

I’m considering the idea of creating a web site/blog for my private students and their parents, and I’m looking for good examples. (Yes, I’m giving you an invitation to plug your site and shamelessly brag about why it’s so great.)

"Mom, what does Steve's site say about his methodology and pedagogical philosophy?"If you do have such a site, what are its main features? I’m wondering specifically about including the following elements:

– Teaching schedule, so parents can see when they might schedule make-up lessons
– Lesson policies, and all that boring stuff
– Curriculum, so parents and students can have an idea of where they’re at and what’s next in the grand scheme of things
– Photos of students, to give the site a more personal feel
– Videos/audio files of students’ work
– Links to online activities and educational sites

Is your site an interactive blog where readers can make comments, or is that an opportunity for problems?

What else am I missing? Please share your thoughts!


3 thoughts on “Studio Web Site: A Call for Help

  1. I use a service called Music Teacher’s Helper – found at

    I’ve found it to be a very useful service to help me with my invoicing especially for my teaching, and it is designed more as a help for teachers. However, students can be given a login in which they can check lesson notes, book make up lessons, log practice times. Parents can have a seperate login where they can see their account, seeing if they owe any money or not.

    I think you need to be careful with putting photos of students online due to privacy concerns – photos need to be made private.

  2. Hi Steve,
    Another option for you to consider is a new site called – this is a brand new platform that was recently released that allows you to schedule lessons, communicate with students/families, invoice and run a website for your music studio. It’s been designed from the ground up for private music teachers, to be as user friendly as possible and completely mobile compatible so you can use it anywhere with an internet connection using any device.
    Lastly, it’s a simple flat-rate pricing plan with unlimited students for one low price of $12.95/month with a free month so you can try it risk free for yourself. Full disclosure – I work for the company, but you risk nothing to take a look for yourself and see if it meets your needs. We also have responsive customer support – so if you have any troubles, questions or feature requests we’re there to help you out and make improvements whenever possible.
    Thank you for the great blog – keep sharing your thought-provoking content.

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