“Your Life is About to Change Forever.”

Those are the words that stumbled out of my mouth as I prepared to teach a group of my beginning trumpet students to play a chromatic scale.

The heavens seemed to part as my band students played notes like C# and Gb.I was feeling very lighthearted as we began the lesson. The school year is winding to a close, and there are no looming deadlines or upcoming performances. Just an opportunity to teach, not rehearse.

I was trying to over-dramatize the point that these students will use the chromatic scale throughout their musical careers, and that this was going to be a landmark lesson in their journey to musical excellence.

But then the thought occurred to me that all lessons should be life changing for elementary students.

Sure, we will always have those weeks when we’re in concert preparation mode and don’t teach any new concepts. But shouldn’t there be twice as many life changing lessons as there are rehearsals of overplayed music?


2 thoughts on ““Your Life is About to Change Forever.”

  1. HA HA! I love that line! I am going to use it. You are right, but I can specifically remember learning certain concepts that kind of “opened the door” to a whole new world of playing music. This happened for me when I learned the blues scale and what improvising was all about!

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