Memories of Elementary School

How about that 1976 American flag?An old friend and I have been posting pictures on Facebook from our elementary school and junior high days. Former classmates have left some interesting comments and have shared some thoughts about those days. Some of their stories are still fresh in my mind; others I had completely forgotten about.

This has got me wondering about what my students will remember about music classes.

What do you remember about the music classes you took in school? Specifically, what was your music teacher like? Do you remember making friends? Did many kids quit mid-year? Other memories?

I’ll get the ball rolling here. In elementary school, I used a school-owned alto saxophone. It seemed so heavy carrying it from home. When I had it on the school bus, I got a seat to myself. (But that was nothing unusual!)

Our music book was “First Division Band Method.” I remember feeling so cool when we graduated from the red one to the blue one.

The music teacher also taught at the high school. Although he always seemed to enjoy working with us kids, there must have been days when he would rather not have traveled to various schools. When I was in junior high, he took a sabbatical from teaching to pursue playing professionally. There was a rumor he did some work for NBC. Whenever I heard a trumpet on T.V., I wondered if it was him.

One particular memory has nothing to with learning about music. The beginning band was in the cafeteria when an earthquake struck. The walls waved to and fro, and the light fixtures (chandalier style) swung back and forth. I had no idea a building could move like that without crumbling to the ground! One of the flute players started to cry, and the band director had to reassure her that everything was going to be okay.

How about you? (Don’t feel obligated to be as long-winded as me!)


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