Sad Day for Local Music Store

The music store where I teach private lessons is sadly going out of business. The store had been a landmark in this area’s music scene for about 30 years, and received some revitalization when it came under new ownership about 5 years ago. But unfortunately, the store’s doors have shut and it’s the end of an era.Sorry - We're Closed

One of the saddest aspects of the store’s closing is the loss of employment for the musicians who worked and taught at the store, not to mention the owner and his family. Some employees will likely find work at the other local music stores, but it’s doubtful everyone will find a similar job.

When the store’s owner bought the business, he had a goal of creating the area’s best in-stock sheet music inventory. The instrument repair department was a reliable source for band directors and musicians. It’s questionable whether these resources will reemerge elsewhere.

The store’s closing also means less competition among other music stores, which is not necessarily good for the music community. My district’s music staff often talks about where to refer our students, and which businesses offer the best service. Loss of competition could mean some loss of quality.

Here is a link to the local newspaper story.

This situation has given me an opportunity to reexamine my private teaching business. Specifically, do I want to continue to private lessons at a different music store, or is this the time to move the business into my house? Do I want to I want keep my full load of students, or is this the time to cut back? Do I want to continue teaching privately at all?

I’ll blog more about this later, as plans unfold.


3 thoughts on “Sad Day for Local Music Store

  1. I would miss the aspects of teaching privately. (Teaching instrument specific techniques, teaching at a higher level than the beginners I see all day.)
    I would not miss the time it takes.
    I hope that you are able to find somewhere that works for you. I hope you enjoy the time off.

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