Metronome CD

Have you ever tried to use a metronome in a class setting? Unless you use some sort of amplification, the metronome usually gets drowned out.

This is not really my Metronome CD. It's something else. I don't know what.This was my dilemma at one of my schools. When we would do rhythm studies and clapping exercises, the problem wasn’t so much playing the correct rhythms; the problem was keeping a steady tempo. We desperately needed a metronome, but I didn’t have an amp. But I did have a CD player.

The solution: a Metronome CD.  I used Finale to create a WAV file of a simple woodblock/hi-hat click at various tempi: 65, 75, 85, and 95 beats per minute. Each track is no more than 5 minutes long, which helps me with the pacing of the rehearsal. (I could easily get too engrossed in the rhythm exercises and not leave enough time for playing!) It’s been working well.

[For those who follow this blog, this post is a follow-up to the Rethinking My Approach series. Using the Metronome CD has helped my biggest rhythm offenders!]


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