Music Ed Lounge: 2008 Year in Review/Reader Appreciation

Taking a cue from Joel at So You Want to Teach?, here is my 2008 Year in Review for Music Ed Lounge.

You may wear a party hat while reading this post, if you feel so inclined.Thanks to all my readers for making these the top post of 2008:

1. Three Classroom Rules
2. Beginning Percussionists: Every Teacher’s Dilemma
3. Always Use a Metronome… Really?
4. Private Lesson Cancellation and Make-Up Policy
5. Curriculum for Jazz Saxophone

Here are what I consider to be the posts deserving wider recognition:

1. Dostoyevsky Quote
2. The Make-Ahead Private Lesson
3. Jazz Methodology
4. Oh No! What Am I Going to Do?
5. Get Others Involved, Part 3

One of my goals for this blog is to make it interactive and encourage readers to comment. With that in mind, let me say a big thank you to the top commenters of 2008:

1. Ken
2. Rebecca
3. Mike
4. Linda
5. Natalie

Do you have a favorite post which wasn’t listed here? Do you have ideas for topics I haven’t written about? Any other suggestions for this blog?


2 thoughts on “Music Ed Lounge: 2008 Year in Review/Reader Appreciation

  1. Hello. Congratulations! You’ve got a very nice blog here – very interesting and informative. You truly deserve the recognition. Anyway, may i suggest that you share more of your thoughts and experiences on teaching music as I really appreciate those music teaching resources that you always share. Thanks again for inspiring most of your readers especially those music teachers out there – like ME! All the best. Til your next posts!

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