Winter Concert “Fogged Out”

 Bakersfield fog“Winter Concert Cancelled Due to Intense Fog.” Does this sound like the headline from a bad Christmas movie or what? Well, that’s what happened for one of my schools this year. Here in Bakersfield, we regularly have 2-hour fog delays during the Winter months, and the concert happened to fall on one of those days.

Downtown School doesn’t have a stage, and the cafeteria is about a third of the size of a normal cafeteria, so having a big concert on campus just isn’t an option. For our school concerts, the whole student body gets on buses and drives about 3 miles to the district offices where there is an auditorium with a large stage.

Okay, so the concert wasn’t entirely cancelled, but we did have to make a last minute change of venue. Instead of having the field trip like we usually do, we put on three performances of the program in the dinky little cafeteria.

The highlight of the program was the Concert Band’s performance of The Night Before Christmas (arr. by James Swearingen) narrated by two of our local NBC news anchors. One of my trumpet students is their son (the two anchors are married), so they were a logical choice to narrate at the concert.

One thought on “Winter Concert “Fogged Out”

  1. Here’s a post-script. Part 2 of the story:

    I showed up to the auditorium about an hour before the evening concert was to begin, only to find the custodian locking up the building and getting ready to go home. He gave me a confused look and asked, “What are you doing here?” Just as confused, I told him I was getting ready for the concert. “I thought it was cancelled.” I almost needed to change my underwear.

    Apparently word had gotten to the district office that in addition to the morning assemblies being cancelled due to fog, the night concert was cancelled too.

    Fortunately, the custodian was willing to stay around for the event. Unfortunately, they had sent home the sound tech, the light tech, and campus security (a necessary element in that neighborhood). The concert began as scheduled, but not without some technical glitches.

    It takes an act of congress to book an event like this; forms to fill out, signatures to collect, crew members to book, and so on. But it just takes one misinformed person to shut the whole thing down in an instant.

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