Igniting Our Students

campana-jazz-festival-program-1985-edited1Here’s a blast from my past: The program from the 1985 Campana Jazz Festival, hosted by my alma mater, Amador Valley High School. As you can see, the cover illustration is a fantastic cartoon of the school’s top jazz band with the director to the side, igniting the band with a TNT blaster.

I remember as a student being blown away by this great cartoon. Even though each student appears small in the overall picture, the artist managed to capture so much of the personality of individual students. (Unfortunately, I was just a freshman at this time, so I was in the B Jazz Band, not pictured here. And, yes, that’s Bobby Shew’s autograph. Thanks to P.C. for sharing this.)

However, what impresses me now is the illustration of the Director. The artist chose not to draw him predictably with a baton, or snapping his fingers like a fool, but igniting the band as if with a TNT blaster.

Isn’t this a great metaphor for what we are to do for our students?


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