The Make-Ahead Private Lesson

One dilemma private music teachers face is how to handle make-up lessons. Should you charge for missed lessons? How much advance notice should be required for a lesson cancellation? I don’t have any brilliant new ideas with those issues, but here’s one idea which has worked well for me: The Make-Ahead Lesson.

The make-ahead lesson is basically using any available time slots in your teaching schedule to give students an opportunity to take one or two additional lessons prior to their need for a make-up lesson. Think of it as a make-up lesson in advance.

Currently I have an open hour right in the middle of one of my lesson days. Sometimes the break is nice; I’ve already taught a full day at school, and still have a few more private students yet to go. But honestly, if I’m going to be away from home and sitting in a studio, I’d rather be teaching.

So from time to time, for my faithful students, I invite them to come for an additional lesson during that time gap. Some students are more prone to needing make-up lessons, and I like getting those lessons done in advance. Sometimes it can be difficult to schedule a make-up lesson, so if you know of an opportunity ahead of time, why not take advantage of it?


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