Get Others Involved, Part 2: Parents

In most high school and junior high music programs, parent volunteers are an absolute necessity. Marching bands and other traveling ensembles certainly require an army of volunteers. I can’t imagine trying to run a full-fledged high school program without parents being involved.

The most common formal structure for parental involvement is a Band Booster council. These are typically made up of positions such as President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

You may opt for a less formal and possibly less intimidating format for parents to get involved. One approach is to find out about the talents and skills of your students’ parents and invite those folks to get involved. It’s likely that you might have parents who would be willig to serve as web page designer, fund raising coordinator, donor developer, concert program designer, transportation coordinator, event coordinator, video technician, audio technician, photographer, instrument manager, or uniform manager. The list is infinite!

Elementary and junior high music programs can certainly benefit from parental support as well. Over the past several years, I’ve invited an increasing number of parent musicians to perform for or play alongside my elementary students. Very often the mere presence of a new adult with an instrument makes an impact on a student’s vision of how music can remain part of one’s life.

Being the parent of two young children, I fully expect my children’s teachers and activity leaders to ask for help, and I usually don’t consider it a burden. If I was asked to videotape a class event or create a class web page, I would take pride in doing so. However, I wouldn’t be so presumptuous as to do these things without an invitation from the teacher. There could be many talented parents waiting eagerly to contribute to in the music program but are just waiting for an invitation.


One thought on “Get Others Involved, Part 2: Parents

  1. This gave me some good ideas! As a private teacher, I only ask my students’ parents to help with refreshments at recitals. I think I will start asking around if anybody would be interested in videotaping events. I also have never thought of involving the parents in performances…that’s a fabulous idea!

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