Who Knew I Was Teaching Such an Expert?

Today I had a few of my brass players perform for my 3rd grade general music class. I do this every year as a recruiting tool. There were two very good 2nd year trumpet players and a trombone player who is no better than average for a first year player and is generally a goofball.

After we had performed a couple short pieces, I asked the 3rd graders if they had any questions for the brass students. A girl asked if it was difficult to learn to play the trombone. Suddenly, my trombone student morphed into this expert on trombone technique, and started a lecture on the proper way to play. “You have to hold the slide with your first two fingers, and not too tightly, because you have to move the slide freely. You have to buzz your lips differently in each register, because you don’t want to play an F when you want a Bb…” My jaw just about hit the floor. His former 3rd grade teacher was in the room, and even she was amazed to hear him speak so eloquently.

I guess all my constant nagging finally paid off.


One thought on “Who Knew I Was Teaching Such an Expert?

  1. Wow. My kids amaze me like this from time to time, but it’s usually by giving some sarcastic response that they would expect to hear me give.

    I asked a flute player why she wasn’t playing and she told me that it was because she was distracted by my incredible beauty. Kind of like the same thing, but then again not really. Oh well.

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