Essential Elements Correlated Music

I’m a big fan of the band music which is correlated with specific pages of method books like Essential Elements. Selecting pieces from these collections has made my job a little easier in that I know in advance if my young players are familiar with the concepts and fingerings involved in the piece.

Here are some titles from the Explorer Level which I have had success with:

The Lost City

Bugler’s Dream (Olympic Fanfare)

Dragonfire. A fellow music teacher recently told me that one of my former students told him she had played this piece with my group and she wanted to play it again his band. You know it’s a favorite when this happens!

March of the Romans

Here are some titles from the Performer Level which I have had success with:

Linus and Lucy


Feliz Navidad

Forrest Gump



2 thoughts on “Essential Elements Correlated Music

  1. Great stuff. I also love the Accent on Achievement correlated stuff. Heck, it has some good stuff just included with the book. I played Galactic Episode with my beginners for a contest last year but it’s not published separately. I had to get a letter of permission from Alfred to photocopy parts and scores.

    I don’t remember the levels, but Essential Elements also has a few marches that I have done recently or am doing now:

    Infinity March (older than EE2000, but they have gone back and retrocorrelated it)

    The Streets of Madrid

    American Spirit

  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll check them out!

    There are a couple pieces out there titled “American Spirit.” My groups have played John O’Reilly’s piece with good results.

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