Jazz Methodology

Here’s a place to share your thoughts about materials you’ve used with your jazz students.

I’ve had success with my private students using Essential Elements Jazz by Mike Steinel. (He was my Jazz Improv professor at North Texas.) This book provides an excellent transition from traditional music into jazz.

I also use the Jazz Conception books by Lennie Niehaus. Although they don’t provide the instructional text found in a method book, they make a great next step. They’re a little dated by today’s publishing standards, but are very well edited and work well for young saxophonists.

I haven’t yet found that right book or method for transitioning into jazz improvisation. I tried Standard of Excellence Jazz Combo, but my students aren’t particularly crazy about all but a few of the tunes. The Aebersold Vol. 1 is a classic, but I still keep hitting a steep learning curve when transitioning from exercises to actual tunes.

 Any thoughts?


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